Mother's Day: Sunday, May 11th

Maggie has just the perfect thing for mum! Make sure your order is in by April 28th.

  • Vino Cotto

Made from the must of grapes, Vino Cotto was inspired by Mediterranean cuisine as the perfect way to further maximise Maggie and Colin’s grape harvest. Its unique sweet/sour flavour, known as ‘agrodolce’, works in any situation where you might use balsamic vinegar, ie the classic strawberries and balsamic combination is taken to a whole new level with vino cotto.

Serving Suggestions

Try sautéing diced eggplant with onion in a little olive oil and use the vino cotto to deglaze the pan. Roast baby beetroot in olive oil until just tender and splash with vino cotto before serving as a beautiful salad on its own or spruced up with rocket and walnuts. Use vino cotto to deglaze the pan after searing beef fillets and you will have a beautiful syrupy sauce to drizzle over the meat.


Gluten free.

Concentrated grape juice (69%), red wine vinegar, water. Contains sulphites.

  • $19.50

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