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Maggie Beer

June 01, 2016

On Saturday evening, Colin and I went and saw Highly Strung, the new documentary directed by Scott Hicks. This film was the amazing story of the Australian String Quartet and the instruments that Ulrike Klein purchased; two violins, a viola and a cello, all made by an Italian instrument maker in the 18th century; each worth several million dollars. It was really powerful and emotional as a documentary, and a must see for any music lover.

After the film we spent the next two hours wandering around Circular Quay admiring Vivid Sydney with the hordes of international and local visitors, absolutely transfixed by the lighting, particularly on the Sydney Opera House where so many patterns, one after the other appeared, each as dramatic and beautiful as the last. The archway of lights walking through the Botanic Gardens was really a magnificent sight also.

Then on Sunday, we were lucky enough to have Matt Moran cook us lunch. We had the most amazing afternoon with fantastic food and beautiful wines; it was an afternoon of sheer delight. The much promised date tart was worthy of a 10 in The Great Australian Bake Off! -MB