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Get to know Maggie

Maggie's Christmas with The Australian Women's Weekly

November 29 2018

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Maggie graces the cover this month's issue of Australian Women's Weekly Christmas Edition in a dress created for her by Australian designer, Toni Maticevski. "It is the most beautiful thing I've ever put on- the colour, and the voluminous skirt. I love it! I'm so happy" Read the rest...

Q&A with Mel Buttle

June 07 2018

Great australian bake off team

We asked Maggie's work pal, comedian Mel Buttle, to let us in on what it's like to work alongside Maggie on The Great Australian Bake Off. After four seasons, surely there's a secret or two she can share... Read the rest...

Maggie’s Career Degustation

September 10 2017

Maggie colin

I really didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was growing up, so when I left school I carried out a career ‘degustation’ of sorts - from a Lift Driver in a New Zealand department store to the Assistant to the Senior Geophysicist for British Petroleum in Libya and in the fields of light aircraft to being a Citizen-ship Law Clerk for the American Embassy and undertaking House Management at the Women’s College of Sydney University. So when it came to a career involving food it really just evolved. There was no grand plan - but moving to the Barossa when I married Colin and being surrounded by such wonderful, seasonal produce certainly sparked my existing interest in food to be taken to the next level. -MB Read the rest...

Nourishment of a Different Kind

August 21 2017


If ever I found myself at Karaoke, I would choose my favourite song because it is most familiar to me and I’d be less likely to muck up the words! I’d choose Summertime; such a beautiful song. I love singing and have a group that gets together at our place every week, I do everything I can to organise my schedule so I’m home for that, it’s nourishment on a different level to my more familiar world of food. -MB Read the rest...

Get To Know Maggie

June 29 2017

Colin   pheasant

I think it’s only fair to say, that a marriage as long as the one I have had with Colin, depends upon a good sense of humour, and no one can make me laugh like he can. It’s not always the kind of belly laugh that a single incident might offer, but more that he knows exactly what my sense of humour is, and taps into that with a wit and confidence that speaks of our long history together, so that not a day goes by when I don’t get a giggle out of something he’s said. -MB Read the rest...

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