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A Proudly South Australian Lunch

April 10 2017

Such a thrill helping Sas on Saturday cook for The World's 50 Best chairs; Steve Dolinsky, Mitchell Davis, Eleonora Cozzella, Cemre Narin and Jade George; proudly showcasing South Australian cuisine and produce. Saskia and chef Matthew went to the markets Saturday morning to meet this group of journalists from all over the world; New York, Chicago, Argentina, Moscow, Turkey, Hong Kong, Italy, to name a few…. then Saskia and I cooked with Matthew helping and gave them taste after taste of the food of the market! -MB Read the rest...

Make A Tradition Of Entertaining

March 08 2017

Combine the beauty of Autumn with the newfound change in the weather, and you have the perfect backdrop to sharing your table in celebration of the season. My entertaining always follows the golden rule of keeping things simple to let the produce shine. Using ingredients that are in season and prepared ahead of time makes all the difference - a stressed host is never fun! I always create generous platters of nibbles beforehand and have an icy cold glass of Sparkling Ruby Cabernet ready for everyone on arrival. With a choice of Pate, Kalamata Olives with fresh herbs and orange zest, just baked bread to dip into new season’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Dukkah, a perfectly ripe cheese, Fruit Paste and biscuits, it’s very easy to deem this ‘picnic on a plate’ as lunch, and spend the rest of the ‘cooking time’ enjoying myself! Read the rest...

Barbecued Favourites

February 23 2017

If ever there was a time of year to spend more time outside rather than less, Summer is it, and for me that includes taking every opportunity to cook outside (with the limited time we have left). There’s something quite set apart from the pressure of ‘having to make dinner’, when you are chatting to friends and family, with a drink in hand around a barbecue. It’s a communal way of cooking in a sense, and I love that. -MB Read the rest...

Maggie's Kitchen Essentials

February 14 2017

Want to know what kitchen essentials Maggie can't live without? Then keep on reading.... Read the rest...

The Writings of Elizabeth David

January 08 2017

Most people who live in the country, and are interested in growing their own food, are likely to cook in a produce-driven way. When I first moved to the Valley, I devoured the writings of Elizabeth David. She had abundant ideas and suggestions that spoke to me, as I've never had the patience to follow recipes, and I would absolutely recommend her books to anyone wanting to know more about seasonal cooking. -MB Read the rest...


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