Maggie Beer

December 24, 2014

There are so many choices for how to spend Christmas Day, but for me the best option is one based on simplicity and style with the people I care about. The sleep after the long late lunch where everyone has helped to clean up is always special.

Our menu doesn't change much from year to year and is all about getting everything ready that's possible on Christmas Eve, so that the day itself if just a joy. Seafood forms a large part of our Christmas fare. We usually start with Sparkling Ruby Cabernet Spritzers and fresh oysters, if we can find non spawning ones; a sentimental favourite from my childhood that for some reason still evokes the ‘special-ness’ of Christmas. Although not really ‘seafood’, yabbies are always on the menu too if our dams are in a giving mood. I love serving them with a walnut dressing. 
Then onto roast goose and one of Sas’s Barossa chooks. We have a glazed leg of ham too, and plenty of salads. And to finish a a huge dish of jelly from Sparkling Ruby Cabernet filled with fresh cherries. We never make it to the pudding so that is always there for later in the afternoon or as a lovely treat with a cup of tea the following day.


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