Maggie Beer

August 11, 2014

Dinner at Nomad….. buzzy restaurant in Surry Hills with all the scale of the warehouse it once was felt right from the first moment sitting at the bar right in front of the kitchen augured well from the first moment until I realised I’d left my scarf in the taxi; not any scarf but a beloved one I’d bought in Paris in a very extravagant moment. Desparately trying to phone the taxi company to no avail I had to put it into context and let it go and give myself over to how lucky we were just to be here and relax into it.

A great menu and difficult to choose until our waiter encouraged us to start with goats cheese churros. Hot and crisp and not only filled with the cheese but more to dip into. Great with a glass of chardonnay. Next an unbelievable parfait and a wagyu tartare served in a bowl with a wooden spoon to mix the accompaniements ourselves.

Great fun! For mains we couldn’t agree on whom would have what so we thought we’d share one after the other. The Balmain bugs to start and a pork dish to finish. Well Colin was the winner as the chilli in the bugs was though delicate on a normal scale was too much for me.


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