Maggie Beer

Kangaroo Island Food Safari

August 24, 2018

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be involved in a Food Safari that was held by Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island.

Over the last 10 years there have been 6 Food Safaris and I have been at each one and its been the most amazing chance to meet the producers of the Island that Southern Ocean Lodge have celebrated by using everything local on their menus. Over the years I've loved doing this as it's all about getting close to the producers and seeing their growth which has been supported by Southern Ocean Lodge's Chef Asher Blackford believing in the local produce.

We enjoyed the following menu with the support of the amazing kitchen team:

Sashimi with Pink Grapefruit & Chevil

Spiced Sweet Potato with Black Barley & Honey Turmeric Walnuts

Pot Roasted Chicken, Quince & Almonds

Roasted Baby Beets & Horseradish Labneh

Charred Brussel Sprouts

Leek, Truffle, Goats Cheese Lasagne


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