Maggie Beer

April 27, 2016

Last week during our trip to Victoria we visited Growlers Creek Grove chestnut farm with Patrizia Simone. We arrived to Harry, an 11 year old boy, who knew everything there was to know about chestnuts, roasting them on his fire- it was truly something else! A beautiful family showed us around the chestnut trees which were first planted in 1874 on the hill side. The split chestnuts were taken from us to the pig farmer who was feeding his pigs on organic chestnuts- how about that!

Last Thursday we had lunch at TarraWarra where the chef sent me out a lunch of lardo and black pudding. It was the most beautiful property and wine cellars and looking around with Anthony the curator was a privilege.

Beechworth has a great lunch at Project Forty Nine; not too much to eat here as we had dinner planned that night at Provenance. Provenance at Beechworth is a brilliant experience with seriously good food. I had smoked wallaby tartare which had such amazing flavour with that smoke truly permeating the meat; just extraordinary!- MB.


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