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Maggie Beer

Rosemary 1

April 25, 2017

Rosemary 1

Anzac Day brings so many varied feelings to the fore for so many, but I always come back to ‘Rosemary for Remembrance’ as my connection to this special day, and in particular to a story about one wounded Digger repatriated to an Adelaide hospital, who in 1915 brought some rosemary home with him from Gallipoli and planted it. The rosemary grew and cuttings were taken to create new plants for a memorial hedge. This hedge now resides in the Waite Arboretum in South Australia, and on Anzac Day you can purchase plants propagated from the original “Gallipoli Rosemary”. For some of us, the connection to this day is more personal, through someone in our immediate family, but for all of us it is a day that sits in our collective history, and serves to remind us of the enormous sacrifice that was made by so many. I love rosemary and never need encouragement to have it at hand in the kitchen, but particularly at this time of year, a bunch of freshly picked rosemary always takes on an extra special meaning for me. -MB

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