Maggie Beer


Make A Tradition Of Entertaining

March 08, 2017


Combine the beauty of Autumn with the newfound change in the weather, and you have the perfect backdrop to sharing your table in celebration of the season. My entertaining always follows the golden rule of keeping things simple to let the produce shine. Using ingredients that are in season and prepared ahead of time makes all the difference - a stressed host is never fun! I always create generous platters of nibbles beforehand and have an icy cold glass of Sparkling Ruby Cabernet ready for everyone on arrival. With a choice of Pate, Kalamata Olives with fresh herbs and orange zest, just baked bread to dip into new season’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Dukkah, a perfectly ripe cheese, Fruit Paste and biscuits, it’s very easy to deem this ‘picnic on a plate’ as lunch, and spend the rest of the ‘cooking time’ enjoying myself!

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