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Maggie Beer

Making The Perfect Risotto

July 16, 2017

Making the perfect risotto can be tricky, but there's a few simple things you can do to increase your chances of success! I use imported Italian risotto rice, which can be arborio, carnaroli or vialone nano. My favourite of all is the Ferron brand of carnaroli rice. I find that a wide, heavy based, deep sided frying pan, a good wooden spoon and a ladle for adding stock are the perfect tools for cooking a good risotto. Be sure not to rush risotto. Only add the stock a ladleful at a time, stirring continuously and waiting for each addition to be absorbed before adding the next. The rice should be cooked through but still a little firm; it should not be chalky in the centre. I always add fresh lemon juice before serving too. - MB

Feeling inspired? These risottos are sure to become family favourites.

  1. Mushroom Risotto
  2. Pumpkin, Verjuice and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Risotto
  3. Radicchio Risotto
  4. Beetroot Risotto
  5. Barley Risotto