Maggie Beer

My Freshly Baked Website

March 25, 2012

It goes without saying that there is always something exciting on the boil at Maggie Beer Products, but I am particularly thrilled to be able to bring our ‘freshly baked’ website to the table, following many months of hard work.

Perhaps despite the fact I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself tech savvy, I had very clear ideas, when we set about re-jigging things, as to what kind of experience I wanted for anyone visiting my website, so I hope you will not only enjoy the changes we’ve made, but also notice that they make it a lot easier to spend time looking around the site - especially for those of us that still think ‘twittering’ is something small birds do in the garden!

I cook from the heart and wholeheartedly encourage improvisation in the kitchen, so my main priority for anyone jumping onto was to provide recipes to be used as a starting point; recipes that make you want to get into the kitchen! With that in mind, we have added new recipes and categories, along with different ways to hunt down your favourite recipe; based on the season, or an abundance of any particular ingredient, or whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner that you’re planning on cooking. I can only imagine that the addition of these extra search options will further encourage the pleasures of sourcing good produce and sharing great food - exactly the right idea!

But above and beyond that our new food club offer will let me share exclusive recipes just for food club members, along with special offers, your monthly newsletter - and to raise an especially loud cheer amongst the food club ranks - free postage and handling for all member's online orders, in place of your previous 10% discount. Being a food club member just became all the more delicious.

All in all, an opportunity to take a little ‘food time’ for yourself each month, I’m hoping.

Please note there is no concern around new passwords or login details, everything you previously had in place will still allow you access to the food club as per usual. You can of course change your password or update your address details, phone number etc, once you have logged in, so if this letter has served as a reminder to jump in and check that we have your latest details. And if all of a sudden your memory is scrambling for your password, it might be easier to head to our forgotten password reminder as your first port of call!

Thank you so much for being part of my ongoing excitement for the food club, it's all about sharing the good food news.


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