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Quince hot cross buns bread and butter pudding

Share Your Easter Table

March 28, 2017

Quince hot cross buns bread and butter pudding

Easter in the Barossa coincides with the most wonderful Autumn weather, and some of my all-time favourite produce, making it the perfect time to share the table with family and friends.

For any family gathering I always come back to the kinds of dishes that can find their way to the middle of the table with very little fuss, so my Easter menu makes the most of late harvest tomatoes, so ripe they are almost sweet, in the form of a Tarte Tatin. This can be cooking while everyone catches up with a glass of sparkling and all that needs be added are fresh salad leaves.

For the main course this year, I’m roasting Quail, stuffed with all the flavours of Autumn; fig, fennel and tarragon. If you haven’t tried quail yet, do find a butcher, or farm gate that can help you with these flavoursome birds. They’re a wonderful alternative to the more traditional chook, but just as easy to cook.

Easter dessert is usually based on chocolate I know, but I love the idea of bread and butter pudding teaming up with the beautiful aromatics of hot cross buns. This is such a wonderful dessert to bring straight from the oven to serve at the table too. Just wait until you smell this baking; it firmly sets the scene for Easter festivities!

I truly hope your Easter is a celebration of all that you hold dear. Happy Easter everyone! -MB

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