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Asparagus with soft boiled eggs and parmesan

September 16, 2017

Asparagus with soft boiled eggs and parmesan

If ever you were looking for that little nudge into home gardening, fresh asparagus has got to be one of the most convincing reasons to start digging a veggie patch. Although all vegetables are most delicious when the time between cutting and serving is kept to a minimum, to me, it is even more so the case with asparagus. That extraordinary snap of fresh spears, picked straight from the garden (and in my case eaten raw, right then and there most of the time) is without competition when it comes to experiencing the true flavour of this special vegetable. If you have a little more self-restraint than I do, and these wonderful asparagus spears do make it into your kitchen, you might like to give these delicious recipes a try! -MB

Chicken, Asparagus and Lentil Salad

Cider Poached Chicken, Asparagus and Mayonnaise

Asparagus with Soft Boiled Eggs and Parmesan

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