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Maggie’s Kitchen Diary

Tried and True

July 05 2012 Food wise

It may be our ongoing involvement with The Good Food and Wine Shows this year, or perhaps the chill of winter, that has everyone asking for my sour cream pastry recipe, so I thought I'd mention it here to make it even easier to find. I love this pastry and use it on a weekly basis. It's my default pastry if you like, and works with both sweet and savoury recipes. And I know how many times you hear or read the words 'fail proof' when it comes to cooking, but it really is. It might be the perfect timing for a homemade pie this weekend? Read the rest...

Good Friends

June 26 2012 News

I need to honour two very dear souls who passed away last week, friends who have left a measurable void for all those who loved them; Alan Saunders and Chris Jackman. Alan was known and loved by many as the voice of Radio National. We meet at the first Symposium of Gastronomy and I was immediately struck by his incredible intelligence and unerring kindness of spirit. And his voice. What a truly beautiful voice. Chris can be most succinctly described from my point of view, as generous to a fault. A chef and baker extraordinaire, he was such a talented soul and a beautiful dancer. I will miss both of them enormously, as will all who had the good fortune of meeting them. Read the rest...

Slow Food on High Rotation

June 19 2012 Food wise

Well, if we wondered what season it was, this week has us assured Winter is well and truly here. I braved the blustery weather over the weekend to wander into my garden hoping that I might find something growing against the odds, but it's too early for my broccoli and I need to let my cavalo nero recover for a little longer after enjoying its first flush a few weeks ago. Remembering I had a lamb shoulder in the fridge, I relied on an old favourite to fill the comfort food gap - Lamb and Barley Casserole. This dish can be made from pantry staples, bar the lamb and pork, and even better, it can be done in your slow cooker so it's ready for you when you get home on a cold night… Read the rest...

Winter in the Valley

June 04 2012 Food wise

"It’s usually around this time of year, when the Valley is at its absolute chilliest that I am most grateful to live in a climate that offers the full spectrum of all four seasons. Read the rest...

Maggie's Sharing More Good Food

May 31 2012 Food wise

Don't forget to come and say hi if you find yourself in Melbourne this weekend (1st-3rd of June) for The Good Food & Wine Show. We'll be sharing Maggie’s latest products and tried and true favourites, including a special show bag put together exclusively for the event, at Maggie's stand directly opposite the Oxford Landing Restaurant. Read the rest...