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Maggie’s Kitchen Diary

Little things make a big difference…

March 13 2012 Maggie’s philosophy

Issue 44 4

"Seasonal produce, picked at its peak of ripeness, is the basis of everything I do - it’s all about the flavour. Taste and quality are paramount in the creation of my range. My aim is to make superior produce available to everyone, regardless of cooking skills or the time restrictions of a busy lifestyle. I hope I can share my love of a good food life with you all." Read the rest...

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Ice Cream

March 12 2012 New products

Chocolate and salted caramel ice cream

The latest addition to Maggie's now famous scoop-able range - this perfectly indulgent ice cream has the velvety decadence of chocolate further intensified by swirls of caramel, spiked with premium Australian salt flakes. We’re talking grown up ice cream for adult tastes. This is the real thing! Read the rest...

Where Pheasant Farm Wines Began…

February 28 2012 Food wise


Producing wine from their own grapes was a logical extension for Colin and Maggie. Read the rest...

Maggie's Verjuice Cookbook

February 20 2012 New products

Of all acidulants, Verjuice is the most gentle. It truly lifts the flavour of food without dominating, and Maggie knows no better way to enhance flavour, no better way to make food taste fresh and alive. This book is for those of you who have never heard of Verjuice, or have bought a bottle and found that it languished at the back of the cupboard for ages while you tried to find a use for it, it provides a simple explanation of what Verjuice is and how Maggie thinks it can improve your cooking. Read the rest...

My Kitchen Tips and Techniques

January 04 2012 Tips and techniques


Once you have your kitchen equipment and larder ingredients to hand and know which fruit, vegetables, herbs and nuts are best to buy each season, there are a few general cooking tips I’d love to share with you. Read the rest...

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