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Saskia Beer - Black Pig Sugar Cured Leg Ham on the Bone

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Before you order! Limited delivery areas:

Because this special item is shipped refrigerated, it's only available for delivery to the following locations:

  • Sydney metro
  • Melbourne metro
  • Adelaide metro

Because your ham will be arrive refrigerated, someone must be home to accept delivery - we can't leave this one on your verandah (besides, it wouldn't be fair to tease your neighbours like that!). Once you have placed your order we will be in contact with you to coordinate your delivery. Last order date 11th December 2018.

As your Ham requires special transport, any other items you order from the online store will be sent separately.

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15 years ago, Saskia Beer had her first taste of Berkshire Pork. It was such a delectable experience that she immediately found the grower and introduced herself to Colin and Joy Leinert who ran a Berkshire pig stud called Lynjoyleen.

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Berkshire pork is very different from intensively reared white pigs. Berkshires are a Heritage breed and have black skin – which makes them ideal for free ranging.

Saskia decided to work in alliance with Colin and encourage other growers to join them in producing Berkshire pork for her new brand, The Black Pig.

Berkshire pork is often referred to as “the Wagyu of the pork world”, it has shorter muscle fibres and greater levels of marbling and outer fat – the fat is clean and sweet and high in vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Most importantly he Black Pig makes a GOLD class ham.

The Black Pig Hams higher fat levels, making them moist and delicious – this is not a lean ham!

The Black Pig Ham will be the highlight of the Christmas table, not only tasting like a ham should but also know that you will be helping support small scale ethical farming and the continued survival of Heritage breeds in Australia.

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