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Cabernet Jelly Glazed Duck Breast

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Step 1: To make the cabernet jelly, melt the Cabernet Paste in two tablespoons of water over a medium heat until emulsified.

Step 2: Score duck fat gently without cutting into meat underneath. Season breasts with sea salt.

Step 3: Place duck breasts, skin side down, into a pan over medium heat and leave to render the duck fat.

Step 4: When crisp on skin side, turn breasts quickly over and seal the underside 1 minute. Pour out fat and brush skin side with cabernet jelly and turn.

Step 5: Repeat. Leave for 2 minutes and turn again, brushing underside with cabernet jelly. Turn temperature down, basting each time until breast is cooked to medium rare – approximately 10-12 minutes in total.

Step 6: Leave to rest for 5-10 minutes. Slice to present.

Step 7: To prepare the salad, combine walnuts, baby beet leaves and Pickled Figs in a bowl and toss through with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vino Cotto and sea salt.

Step 8: Divide the salad and sliced duck breast between 4 plates and serve.


  1. 40g 4 tbspn Cabernet Paste
  2. 800g 4 duck breast
  3. To taste sea salt flakes
  4. 80g walnut roasted and rubbed
  5. 100g 4 Pickled Figs sliced crossways
  6. 20ml 1 tbspn Vino Cotto

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