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Octopus with Olives, Caper Berry & Squid Ink Pasta

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Step 1: In case the octopus has not been well tumbled; Place the octopus onto a large plate, crush the kiwi fruit and place over the octopus and leave to marinate for 40 minutes.

Step 2: Then wipe off kiwi fruit, set aside.

Step 3: Place a heavy based pan with lid over a high heat. Add 1/2 cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, rosemary and olives and bring to high heat

Step 4: Once the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is just hot add octopus by holding the thin end of the tentacles. Place the lid on and leave for two minutes.

Step 5: Take the lid off and turn the octopus over, turn the heat down to very low and place a lid on top of the pot, cook for forty minutes always being sure you are only simmering.

Step 6: Keep turning the pot down if required.

Step 7: Meanwhile, place a medium size pot of water over a high heat and bring to the boil, add the sea salt. Place the pasta into the boiling water and cook for five minutes or until just cooked through.

Step 8: Drain off the water and coat the warm pasta with two tbspn of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and toss together.

Step 9: Place a small frying pan over a high heat and add two tbspn of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, once this is hot add the cut caper berries and fry for two to three minutes, remove from the heat and place onto kitchen towel to drain.

Step 10: Once the octopus is cooked remove from the pot and place into a dish with all other ingredients to rest in the post cooking marinade. When ready to serve place onto a chopping board, then thinly slice across the tentacle.

Step 11: Place the pasta onto a serving plate and top with octopus mixture, drizzle with resting juices, pan fried capers and flat leaf parsley floweret’s and serve.


  1. 2 large octopus tentacle well tumbled
  2. 2 tbspn sea salt
  3. 4 caperberries cut in half lengthways
  4. 2 tbspn flat leaf parsley plucked into leaves
  5. 1 lemon thinly sliced

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