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We encourage our visitors to wander around the shop and take the opportunity to taste all the products; in fact this is the only place in Australia where you have the chance to see and try just about every product we make.

Our large commercial kitchens, where a majority of the range of Maggie Beer Products are made, are located in Tanunda, just a few kilometres away from the Farm Shop. Those products that we aren't equipped to make in our own kitchens are made by third party manufacturers under the very tight direction and eagle eye of Maggie. We are proudly South Australian and only find producers outside of the State when we can’t find the right partners here.

The Farm Shop is home to a small kitchen where we make products to follow the seasons, but because we aren't able to produce these in quantities large enough to supply retailers Australia-wide, these products are only available to those visiting the Farm Shop or shopping online. Just another excuse to visit the Farm Shop, in our opinion!

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