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It’s been over 20 years since the renowned Pheasant Farm Restaurant came to an end, and what many might not know is that before it was a restaurant, it was a Farm Shop and that now as a Farm Shop again, we have truly come full circle.

It’s all about visiting to see where it all began, and tasting all the products. In fact, this is the only place in Australia where you have the chance to see and try just about every product we make. Because of the relaxed and informal nature of the Farm Shop, no bookings are required for individual visitors.

You might wander around the dam and get the feeling of the Barossa country side, or if you’re ready for a feed; a good tasty lunch, or just coffee and cake. It’s all simple country seasonal dishes.

You can choose from picnic baskets, including a special offer for children, framed around our Pheasant Farm Pate or Dukkah with accompaniments to suit them, a moreish chicken and tarragon pastry served with Maggie’s cabernet sauce and salad greens, or alternatively there’s also a range of daily specials. And then for something a little sweeter, you’ll want to leave room for a chocolate brownie or a scoop of Maggie’s famous ice cream.

Maggie's Picnic Fare Menu

Chicken & Tarragon Pastry Parcel Chicken mince and tarragon wrapped in puff pastry, served with salad greens. Wine suggestion: Pheasant Farm Marsanne Viognier Roussanne or Beer Brothers Alfred Old Vine Shiraz. $16
Vegetarian Tart Wine suggestion: Beer Brothers Riesling or Pheasant Farm Grenache Mataro Shiraz $15
Pheasant Farm Pate Picnic Basket Pate, caramelised onion, freekeh salad and wood oven bread. Wine suggestion: Pheasant Farm Cane Cut Viognier or Beer Brothers Johann Shiraz $16
Barossa Dukkah Picnic Basket Dukkah served with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olives and wood oven bread. Wine suggestion: Pheasant Farm Marsanne Viognier Roussanne or Pheasant Farm Tempranillo $16
Children’s Picnic Basket Cheese, fruit, jam, wood oven bread and a surprise! $8

We are happy to make a picnic basket with a pate of your choice. If you have special dietary requirements please talk to our staff to discuss alternatives.

Something Sweet

Cake Selection $6.50
Chocolate Brownie $2.00
Maggie Beer Ice Cream $3.75


Chilled Drinks

Sparkling Apple Juice $3.50
Sparkling Mineral Water $2.50
Spring Water $2.50
Sparkling Ruby Cabernet Spritzer $6.00
Sparkling Chardonnay Spritzer $6.00
Iced Coffee $5.50
Iced Chocolate $5.50
Iced Chai $5.50

White wine

Glass 375ml 750ml
Pheasant Farm Cane Cut Viognier $8.5 $19.50
Pheasant Farm Marsanne Viognier Rousanne $6 $16 $25

Red wine

Glass 750ml Bottle
Pheasant Farm Tempranillo $7 $25
Beer Brothers Johann Shiraz $7.50 $27
Pheasant Farm Grenache Mataro Shiraz $8 $30
Beer Brothers Alfred Old Vine Shiraz $12 $54

Sparkling non-alcoholic wine

Glass 750ml Bottle
Sparkling Ruby Cabernet $5 $15
Sparkling Chardonnay $5 $15


330ml Bottle
Maggie Beer Apple Cider $7
Maggie Beer Pear Cider $7

Hot Drinks

Regular Large
Tea / Coffee / Hot Chocolate / Chai Latte $3.80 $4.50
Soy or lactose free add $0.50

Our cappuccino is made the traditional way - chocolate free! Please ask staff if you'd like chocolate dusting.

We proudly use as much local produce as we can; Barossa Coffee Roasters for our coffee, local Scullery Made teas, Kernich’s of Greenock un-homogenised Jersey milk, Careme pastry, Barossa Valley Cheese and Saskia’s chicken, along with our own of course.

We try to accommodate every person that comes, however if you are travelling with 8 or 10 friends we will do our very best to pull tables together for you but the earlier or later you come the easier it will be. The busiest time of day is between 12.30 and 2.30 p.m. We want every person that visits to have a really good country experience.

Don’t forget our Verjuice demonstration every day - it too is a bit of history.

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