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Maggie’s Kitchen Diary

Share Your Easter Table

March 28 2017 Food wise

Quince hot cross buns bread and butter pudding

Easter in the Barossa coincides with the most wonderful Autumn weather, and some of my all-time favourite produce, making it the perfect time to share the table with family and friends. Read the rest...

Get To Know Maggie

March 27 2017 Get to know Maggie


The air. The absolute clarity of fresh country air is something I try not to go too long without. And the connection to a community! Returning is always special no matter how exciting a trip is, and even though I love coming home with newfound knowledge and fresh ideas, nothing compares to being back home with my family. -MB Read the rest...

How-To: Mozzarella and Pea Arancini

March 24 2017 Step-by-step

Mozzarella and pea arancini step 1 mixing Mozzarella and pea arancini step 2 forming Mozzarella and pea arancini step 3 coating Mozzarella and pea arancini step 4 serving

Maggie's long been a fan of risotto - it makes the perfect canvas for Verjuice, after all - so her latest recipe for these delicious little arancini should come as no surprise. Delicately flavoured rice, fresh garden peas and melting mozzarella, all tucked into the most perfect, golden shell. What's not to love? Read the rest...

In The Garden: Figs

March 22 2017 Food wise

Approved   figs

I have to admit, that although we have an amazing example of just how robust fig trees can be, with a 50 year old Brown Turkey that produces prolifically on our vineyard property, my experience in planting newer varieties is that perhaps figs are not nearly as tough as many people would have you believe. The most important time for their ongoing success is in the first year after planting. Read the rest...

A Vegetarian Affair

March 16 2017 Food wise


I’ve often said that my love of vegetables could so easily see me as a vegetarian, if I didn’t love eating meat as much as I do! When I’m looking for something fast and nourishing for lunch, I will more often than not turn to fresh vegetables as the basis for my meal. My garden has decided on more meals than I could count, so I always check to see what might be on offer there as my first inspiration. For some reason I always feel so virtuous when I make a salad for lunch; it’s fresh, tasty, filling and healthy and it fits the bill when I limit myself to taking a short break at the office. -MB Read the rest...

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