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December 09 2016 Instagram Photos Instagram

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Maggie's Christmas Menu

December 08 2016 Food wise

Pudding 03

I always love making things from scratch, especially for Christmas, and so when I’m setting out to make my own mayonnaise, I’m already planning what I’ll do with the leftover egg whites. Pavlova! Pavlova was the first dessert I ever made whilst still in my teens, and today I still love it, although my tastes have become more ‘grown up’ as I often mix some creme fraiche into the whipped cream to add a little tang. My pavlova will be part of our Christmas Day lunch, but to start I’m thinking of Avocado & Verjuice Jellies, such a fresh flavoured beginning, and easy because they can be made ahead of time. To make good use of my homemade mayonnaise; Kingfish Sashimi, another great make ahead option. Then we’ll have our traditional Goose with Apple, Onion and Sage Stuffing, and perhaps a Glazed Ham too depending on how many of us will be at the table. I love having a decadent choice of side dishes, so I’ll do my Christmas Salad of mango, avocado, rocket and papaya, a big bowl of freshly steamed green beans with lashings of butter, and roasted potatoes are a must, with lots of herbs and plenty of extra virgin olive oil. Along with the pavlova will be Christmas Pudding and Brandy Butter, but we all know even as I put it out, that dessert will be pushed back well into the evening, if at all, and the pudding will most likely become a treat for Boxing Day with a pot of tea. -MB Read the rest...

Technical Bake: Soufflé

December 07 2016 New recipes

Bakeoff s02e09 technical souffle 1

Can you rise to the challenge? Whether sweet or savoury, souffles are always more than worth the effort that goes into making them, and Maggie's Porcini, Lemon Thyme & Three Cheese Souffle from last night's Bake Off semi-final is no exception. Last night's episode saw Liesel eliminated, leaving Antonio, Monica and Olivia to bake-off in next Tuesday's finale. Read the rest...

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December 06 2016 Instagram Photos Instagram

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Maggie's Christmas

December 06 2016 Maggie’s favourites


Maggie’s Christmas is all about the chance for me to share my all-time favourite recipes and menus for entertaining family and friends during the festive season here in the Barossa. From a sumptuous Christmas Day feast and casual beachside picnic to plates to share over Christmas carols with my singing group and a special New Year's Eve menu, I’m hoping it will add that extra sparkle to everyone’s festive season. Read the rest...

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