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How-To: Mushroom, Verjuice and Thyme Pie

May 26 2017 Step-by-step

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Sour cream pastry is a stalwart of my cooking; I use it to make all variety of tarts and pies, both sweet and savoury. It's flaky and moreish, and it makes the perfect casing for this mushroom, Verjuice and thyme filling! I've never know this pastry to fail, but it's good to know beforehand that the amount of sour cream needed can vary each time you make it, depending on the conditions. Start with about two-thirds of the sour cream at first, then add more as needed. Read the rest...

Simple Lunches

May 22 2017 Food wise

Grain salad

For any of us that have busy lives, not every home cooked meal is going to be a pleasurable way to spend time, but the ripple effect of eating well, and the wellbeing that comes with that, can’t help but be appreciated over the feeling of grabbing something quick to eat in the car between appointments. I know each time I make the mistake of rushing any meal, I remind myself of just how wonderful it is to make the time to cook. Which is why, I always try to make lunch ahead, or at least have the components on hand to pull something together when time is of the essence. Nourishment shouldn't be compromised! -MB Read the rest...

How-To: The Perfect Roast Chook

May 16 2017 Step-by-step

Roast chook with verjuice garlic 2 Roast chook with verjuice garlic 5 Roast chook with verjuice garlic 13 Roast chook with verjuice garlic 10

My signature dish has been encouraged by our family’s requests more so than anything I’ve specifically set out to master; roast chook.  In my mind, it is one of the easiest options for any busy cook too. Read the rest...

Time Out

May 14 2017 Maggie’s favourites

Img 4602

Taking time out yesterday was an absolute luxury, having been working in every spare moment for the past few months (including weekends and holidays) on my latest book to be released later in the year. It was the first weekend where I felt free enough to get back to the delight of actually reading during the day.....on a weekend of course! I've had this book for several months but waited till I had time to immerse myself in the stories and having done so today I have to tell you about it... it’s a jewel! With friends we had visited Lino and Kim at La Paloma Pottery when lunching with Luke Sciberras at Hill End. This book brings back memories of an amazing weekend where we glimpsed the Food, Fire and Art (and music) that they live by. The stories and the amazing photographs of the artists who had visited and eaten Lino's food are so seductive. Hill End is of importance to me on another level and that is of the Ackermann's House, the house of my forebears run by a cousin Lorraine who has restored the original cottage and lives there.... such history and the amazing characters who call this historic village home demands a return visit! - MB Read the rest...

A Sunday for Mum

May 09 2017 Food wise


This Sunday Lunch menu definitely has Mother’s Day in mind, and for me that means food that is delicious and seasonally based. Create a truly beautiful shared table for you Mum by getting everybody involved in the process. To begin with, a glass of Sparkling Chardonnay or Sparkling Ruby Cabernet, followed by White Bean Crostini with Agresto to start and Oven Baked Trout with Sourdough, Thyme, Verjuice and Lemon Stuffing for main course. And to finish, something to truly celebrate the rhubarb season, Rhubarb Crème Brulee. - MB Read the rest...

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