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The End of Quince Season

May 31 2016 Food wise

Pomegranates quinces 13

In the Barossa we pick our quinces in April but even in the coolest parts of Australia, May would be the latest time for harvesting. You will know when to pick your quinces when their colour changes from a downy green to a sunshine yellow- MB. Read the rest...

Work With Nature!

May 29 2016 Food wise


Good produce needs so little doing to it, which means you’re never at risk of overcomplicating things. Seasonal produce also allows you to get to know the rhythm of the seasons, how to delight in fruit and vegetables picked at their best, truly ripened and full of flavour. Working with nature always tastes better than working against it- MB. Read the rest...

Highlights from Instagram

May 27 2016 Instagram Photos Instagram

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Kitchen Essential

May 27 2016 Maggie’s favourites

Ipad web

For any keen homecook scouting out tonight’s dinner options online, an iPad has become a virtual essential for recipe browsing and space efficient reading in the kitchen. And where there’s an iPad amongst the ingredients and wooden spoons on your kitchen bench, it makes sense to have an iPad stand to further aid easy reference of your favourite recipe. Especially when said iPad stand is in the shape of a chopping board!- MB. Read the rest...

A Hill and Son Grand Pipe Organ

May 26 2016 Maggie’s favourites

Grand organ

As part of my "Favourite Things" tour for this year's Tasting Australia, I took a lovely group of guests to the Barossa Regional Gallery to see the incredible grand pipe organ that now graces it's hall. Amanda McInerney, who was part of the group, has written a blog post about the visit; a read I'm sure you'd all enjoy. Amanda was rightfully blown away by the organ, as I'm confident you would all be if you ever have the chance to visit!- MB. Read the rest...

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