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July 26 2016 Instagram Photos Instagram

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Lunch at Hentley Farm

July 25 2016 Maggie’s favourites


Fresh oysters with a bit of drama at Hentley Farm on Saturday! -MB. Read the rest...

Highlights from Instagram

July 22 2016 Instagram Photos Instagram

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Maggie's Love of Offal!

July 22 2016 Maggie’s favourites

Approved chicken liver caper crostini vino cotto onions

I love offal so much that I cannot go past it when I see it on a menu, and have even been known to have three offal entrees instead of an entree, main and dessert! -MB. Read the rest...

Worth The Effort

July 20 2016 Food wise

Approved   chocolate vino cotto parfait with marmalade 04

Marmalade is perhaps the most difficult preserve to make, and although it is a fairly painstaking process, there really is no substitute for hand-cutting the fruit to make a really great marmalade -MB. Read the rest...

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