Maggie Beer

Maggie’s Kitchen Diary

Macaroni and Cheese | Maggie Beer | #cookwithmaggie

July 30 2021 Videos

This dish will always bring with it memories of my Mum, I make it as she did with the delicious addition of pumpkin. Read the rest...

Lemon Delicious | Maggie Beer | #cookwithmaggie

July 17 2021 Videos

Lemon Delicious, a recipe that is true to its name. Enjoy warm from the oven or chilled from the fridge. Read the rest...

Barley and Chicken Soup | Maggie Beer | #cookwithmaggie

July 03 2021 Videos

A winter dish that is so good for you and brings such comfort - Barley and Chicken Soup Read the rest...

Chicken Pasta Bake | Maggie Beer | #cookwithmaggie

June 26 2021 Videos

We are loving looking back on some of your favourite dishes from our Cooking With Maggie series. Today's recipe is one the whole family can enjoy and is easy to prepare - Chicken Pasta Bake. Happy Cooking - Team MB x Read the rest...

Scrambled Eggs | Maggie Beer | #cookwithmaggie

June 12 2021 Videos

Another favourite from our Cooking with Maggie series: Scrambled Eggs. When made with a little extra care this dish can make the most beautiful meal, be it breakfast or dinner! Happy Cooking. Read the rest...


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