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August 30 2016 Instagram Photos Instagram

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Kangaroo Island Food Safari

August 30 2016 Food wise


An incredible few days (as always) on the KI Food Safari last week - pictured here with the talented and truly nice guy James Viles of Biota Dining at Islander Estate Winery before getting into the kitchen that night! -MB. Read the rest...

Freshly Picked Silverbeet

August 28 2016 Food wise

Img 6896

What I cook depends completely on the season and where I find myself, but right now I’m loving picking fresh silverbeet, straight from the garden – just picked, the leaves and snapping stems are full of flavour and vigour. I simply pan fry the roughly chopped leaves with a little nut brown butter and Verjuice and serve them with roasted almonds and a fresh curd cheese -MB. Read the rest...

Highlights from Instagram

August 26 2016 Instagram Photos Instagram

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Something To Consider

August 26 2016 Food wise

Artichokes 04

Working with a local market, in season, means you are less likely to be spending extra on storage. Just those 2 things - transport and storage - can be enough to put artisan producers out of business and although that is a loss based on finance, I think the cost of never accessing locally grown produce, picked in season, is something of far greater value that we all need to consider every time we shop -MB. Read the rest...

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