Maggie Beer

How-To: Anzac Biscuit and Burnt Fig Ice Cream Sandwiches

April 19 2018

Anzac biscuits are a recipe born of love and necessity, a message from wives and mothers to their loved ones at war, little luxuries from home that would have meant so much to their men. This recipe is a twist, or an extension you could say, on the traditional recipe, and can be made ahead of time and stored in the freezer until you're ready to eat. Enjoy this delicious treat whilst remembering the enormous sacrifice made by so many at war. Read the rest...

The Perfect Edible Christmas Gift

November 15 2017

Who could think about Christmas without Fruit Mince Tarts? Aren’t they a wonderful once-a-year flavour to look forward to making? Of course, my fruit mince has the addition of Verjuice, not just for the flavour but also for the perfectly moist mince that results. Read the rest...

Failsafe Pastry

October 01 2017

I receive more compliments about this recipe than any other, which is a testament to its simplicity and versatility. And this step-by-step recipe will make it an even simpler quest! A few tips from me though, before you get going... Read the rest...

How-To: Apricot Jam Breakfast Labne

July 05 2017

You don't need a feast to have an excuse to make labne. It's perfect as a nibble, with salads or as an accompaniment to lamb, kid or poultry, particularly if you also add strips of preserved lemon. Labne is really just cheese made from goat's, sheep's or cow's milk yoghurt (choose a naturally made one as some commercial brands are too thin). This in particular labne is made with Apricot Jam, and is delicious served with some of my homemade granola and fresh seasonal fruit! -MB Read the rest...

How-To: Mushroom, Verjuice and Thyme Pie

May 26 2017

Sour cream pastry is a stalwart of my cooking; I use it to make all variety of tarts and pies, both sweet and savoury. It's flaky and moreish, and it makes the perfect casing for this mushroom, Verjuice and thyme filling! I've never know this pastry to fail, but it's good to know beforehand that the amount of sour cream needed can vary each time you make it, depending on the conditions. Start with about two-thirds of the sour cream at first, then add more as needed. Read the rest...


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