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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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A good olive oil is often all that’s needed to turn an ordinary dish into an extraordinary one. There is a huge flavour difference between Extra Virgin Olive oil and bulk olive oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is at its peak the moment it is crushed. Only oil with less than 0.8% acid expressed as free oleic acid and free of flavour defects can be classified as Extra Virgin.

Serving Suggestion

Whether it’s tossing through pasta, drizzling a bruschetta straight from the grill or with a dish of sliced ripe tomatoes and basil in season. It works beautifully with Verjuice or lemon juice, added for vinaigrettes and when making your own mayonnaise, you’ll find it will come together far easier using Extra Virgin Olive Oil, though you’ll need half of the oil content to be more flavour neutral.

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