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Maggie’s Kitchen Diary

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November 28 2014 Instagram Photos Instagram

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Local Fare

November 27 2014 News

Beetroots 01

Our Farmer’s Market, here in the Valley, is absolutely a brilliant way to discover not just how good our producers are, but how much they are appreciated, which is shown in the attendance of locals and visitors alike every Saturday morning. It’s wonderful that more and more people are realising how important local producers are, especially chefs!

The Living Room...

November 26 2014 Food wise

Maggie & Miguel Maestre The Living Room filming

Maggie had the pleasure to cook with the crazy bull Chef Miguel Maestre at the Farm Shop in the studio kitchen yesturday. Read the rest...

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November 25 2014 Instagram Photos Instagram

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Creative Stamp

November 25 2014 Food wise

Vino Cotto Strawberry Tart served with Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream

Improvisation is key to everything I do and while you may make some mistakes along the way, it is the most wonderful way to cook for all the delicious surprises that pop up and can quickly become staple dishes you rely on again and again. It allows you to put your creative stamp on everything you cook.