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November 25 2014 Food wise

Vino Cotto Strawberry Tart served with Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream

Improvisation is key to everything I do and while you may make some mistakes along the way, it is the most wonderful way to cook for all the delicious surprises that pop up and can quickly become staple dishes you rely on again and again. It allows you to put your creative stamp on everything you cook.

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Food Memories

November 24 2014 Food wise

Approved - golden syrup dumplings 01

I grew up in a household where food was always important and I'm not sure if I was three or four years old but the memory is so vivid; we lived at the time at Rose Bay, Sydney, just up the road from the flying boat squadron. There had been a huge storm buffeting the shore, then a black out. Mum had candles burning within minutes as we huddled around the small kitchen table and she served us golden syrup dumplings. Was it the smell, the taste, the feeling of safety? I'm not sure but not only is it my first food memory but it was the only time Mum ever cooked them and yet even just talking about them my whole body smiles.


November 24 2014 News

Maggie & Colin SA Awards Hall of Fame 2014

On Friday night at the 2014 South Australian Food Industry Program Awards Maggie Beer Products was inducted into the San Remo Hall of Fame. Read the rest...

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