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Maggie’s Kitchen Diary

Easter is nearly here...

March 30 2015 Food wise

Rabbit, Prune and Pancetta Pies with Pickled Eggplant

With an obvious theme set for Easter, we thought you might like to see rabbit in a slightly different guise. Maggie’s beautiful Rabbit, Prune & Pancetta Pies are a great make-ahead option to give you the time to sip away on Sparkling Ruby Spritzers before pulling out perfectly browned pies from the oven to a chorus of ‘oohs and aaahhs’.

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Cause For Celebration

March 27 2015 Food wise

Approved christmassy cider 01

To know Maggie is to know her love of an icy cold glass of bubbles, but we wouldn't want to suggest that always means alcohol is invited to the party, as Maggie explains, "There are many times when I am too frazzled to enjoy the bubbles of champagne and want to avoid alcohol but still drink with pleasure." Once you've had the chance to try Maggie's latest addition, with a glass or two of her new Sparkling Chardonnay, we're sure you'll know what we mean when we say it is possible to have your new year's resolution and your bubbles too!

A handpicked experience by Maggie Beer

March 27 2015 Food wise

Orchard house

Orchard House, Barossa Valley. Located in the beautiful valley, a handpicked experience by Maggie is now open for bookings. Read the rest...

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