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Rolling pin, Pumpkin, Zucchini

Maggie’s Kitchen Diary

Highlights from Instagram

December 16 2014 Instagram Photos Instagram

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Christmas Dessert!

December 16 2014 Food wise

Sparkling Ruby Cabernet Jelly With Cherries

For a wonderful make ahead dessert, rethink jelly beyond its old-fashioned reputation. I make a huge dish of jelly from my Sparkling Ruby Cabernet filled with fresh raspberries from our market, sometimes even 2 days earlier. Read the rest...

Organisation and Preparation for Christmas!

December 14 2014 Tips and techniques

Roast goose with apple, onion and sage stuffing

Christmas is such a special time but it can easily slip into stressful territory if you’re not ready for it when it arrives, and we all know it seems to come by faster and faster each year! The biggest thing for me is organisation and preparation so it’s all a breeze. A stressed host is never fun. Read the rest...

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December 12 2014 Instagram Photos Instagram

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How to spend Christmas Day

December 11 2014 Tips and techniques

Maggie in the garden

There are so many choices for how to spend Christmas Day, but for me the best option is one based on simplicity and style with the people I care about. If there was ever a time to reemphasise the impact a simple approach has on a relaxed shared meal, it’s at Christmas time.