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Maggie’s Kitchen Diary

Maggie's Tools of the Trade!

April 27 2015 Food wise

Maggie Beer Kitchenware Range Group-Tony Lewis-2015

Maggie’s whole world is about food, as we all know, so it was only a matter of time before we could convince her to share her must-haves to create her very own kitchenware range. Including beautiful cloth napkins, extra large teatowels, an apron that is based on a favourite she picked up in Italy many moons ago, and an iPad stand in the shape of a chopping board, you’re sure to find something that makes spending time in your kitchen all the more enjoyable. As it should be!

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April 24 2015 Instagram Photos Instagram

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April 22 2015 Food wise

Maggie on Pinterest

Have you checked out what Maggie's been pinning lately? If you want to know what Maggie's reading, listening to, excited about or cooking for dinner tonight, it's all on Pinterest!

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April 21 2015 Instagram Photos Instagram

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Bring A Sense Of Ritual To Every Meal

April 20 2015 Food wise

Napkin web

Having a set of beautiful but practical cloth napkins brings a sense of ritual to every meal, without pomp, but well beyond a throw away square of paper. Maggie considers cloth napkins as essential to setting a table as cutlery and glasses, adding to the enjoyment of a shared meal. Made from 100% cotton to suit any table setting, with the resilience to be thrown in the washing machine time and again.