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Introducing Maggie's New Vinaigrette Range...

September 11, 2017

Vinaigrette range shot

It has always been Maggie’s thinking that armed with super fresh ingredients there is very little you need to do to really let the produce shine. But having tasted the latest additions to her gourmet range, we’re convinced there is a simple amendment to that notion; all that stands between you and taking your favourite produce to an extra delicious level is a generous drizzle of her new ready-to-go vinaigrettes. You'll find them in the following flavours;

Pear, Miso & Ginger

Moroccan Spice, Honey & Dijon

Quince, Apple Cider Vinegar & Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Of course, there isn’t a single product in Maggie’s range that can’t be applied in a multitude of delicious ways, so please don’t keep your vinaigrettes exclusively for salads! From dressing sashimi to Moroccan roast chicken, these vinaigrettes are sure to become pantry staples!

Available now online and at your local independent supermarket and gourmet store.

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