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Maggie Beer

Newfound Spring Warmth

October 15 2016

The newfound warmth of Spring offers the perfect backdrop to sharing your table. With a choice of pate, cheese, fruit paste, fresh sourdough bread, olives and muscatels, it’s very easy to deem this ‘picnic on a plate’ as lunch! -MB Read the rest...

Freshly Shelled

October 06 2016

What dishes makes peas worth the effort to shell? Pea mash, where fresh peas are simmered with golden shallots and butter until all the juice evaporates and the flesh mashes together. It makes a lovely bed for a piece of grilled fish or great sausages -MB. Read the rest...

Spring Entertaining

October 01 2016 Video

My entertaining always follows the golden rule of keeping things simple to let the produce shine. I always create generous platters of nibbles ahead of time - a stressed host is never fun!-MB. Read the rest...

My Comfort Food

September 25 2016 Video

Nothing says Sunday Lunch like Maggie’s Roast Chook. Gather the troops to the table for a Spring lunch that runs all the way into the afternoon -MB. Read the rest...

Fat is Flavour!

September 22 2016

Perhaps the easiest cut of all for roasting, pan-frying or barbecuing, is a rack of lamb. Ask the butcher to saw through the chine bone without removing it;the yellow membrane should be discarded. A properly trimmed rack should be free of any shoulder bone remnants. Some might also trim the fat, but remember fat is flavour! -MB. Read the rest...

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