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Maggie Beer

Fleeting Figs

March 06 2017

To start my day with hand picked figs from our orchard, halved over oats and a good dollop of yoghurt, seems to set things right for whatever the rest of the day holds. Perhaps it’s the fact that such a breakfast is so precious a treat, as any fig grower will know just how fleeting figs are, but a perfectly ripe fig, plump and rubescent, seems to hold a certain enchantment that I never tire of. -MB Read the rest...

Share Your Table On Valentine's Day

February 11 2017

Keeping things simple and seasonal is perhaps easiest of all with Summertime produce, so the following menu suggestion is about beautiful ingredients, prepared in a way that may not be everyday fare, to lend that special celebratory feeling to your Valentine's Day. Read the rest...

Food Wise: Summer Berries

February 08 2017

When we bought our cottage nearly 20 years ago, one of its most endearing aspects was the maze of strawberry plants, growing wild in all sorts of nooks and crannies around the property. I have always adored wandering around the yard, pinching strawberries, still warm from the sun, to pop in my mouth as I tend to the garden. Left to ripen on the bush and eaten without refrigeration there is no better way to welcome the warm weather than with strawberries. Read the rest...

Pear Trifle

February 03 2017

I have loved trifle ever since I was a child. Was it being able to eat right down to the bottom of the bowl where I’d find the sherry-soaked cake, or was it the jelly and the fruit? Whatever it was, I have never tired of eating trifle. This version is a bit fancy, I grant, you, but it’s easily within the province of the home cook. It can be a wonderful way to use leftovers too, or sit with equal splendour on the table for a special occasion. -MB Read the rest...

Holiday time

January 29 2017

Holidays are all about relaxing from the moment I walk in the door of our beach house. It’s about having time to go for a walk every morning, reading lots of books, listening to music, swimming, of course, and lovely, simple meals accompanied by beautiful wine. Holidays at the beach should be just that - holidays. -MB Read the rest...

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